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Wenzhou Bewell New Energy Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development, production, and sales of renewable energy and electric power equipment such as solar inverters and energy storage series for a long time, and has now developed several series of inverter products, with the power ranging from 150w to 10,000kw. With different parameter settings, it can meet the requirements of different scenarios of use, such as commercial, indoor, and outdoor construction, mobile office, automobile, ship, etc.
Main products: solar inverter, household inverter, portable power supply, and supply of cost-effective ancillary products (photovoltaic panels, charging piles, car inverters, and accessories)...

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Our Advantages

Industry and trade integration

Integration of industry and trade, high sales professionalism and stable delivery time.

Customize popular styles

Thirteen years of experience in the processing and production of large brands, can customize the popular style for the market.

Variety of styles

The factory has vertical categories and various styles to meet various user groups.

Common development

As our agent, we will integrate market channel resources and jointly seek development.

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